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Black and White Fine Art Landscape Photography by Rafal Maleszyk

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"There are many forms of art; art has been part of human subsistence since the beginning. There is such a strong need every artist has, persistent voice pushing us to create, to look for something different, to improve, to shock and to create beauty. Even thousands of years ago artists had a strong need to invent unique and beautiful things, photography is just one of the new mediums to do the same thing.

Everyday I feel strong desire to walk in the forest, hunger to find an inspiring tree or rock, to discover this ray of light that will make a difference in my frame. I always try to capture the speed of wind and the ocean, movement of threes, contrast of sand or texture of a rock. I cannot live without the beautiful spectacles Nature gives. It is like a race, and I am scared, if I don’t photograph, the beauty of Nature will be lost and I loose the race. This is our Human naive belief that we are in control of everything. When I photograph I have to be united with Nature and give up the total control of the perspective, light or composition, this is the only time I am able to create something exceptional.

In 2011 I have started to incorporate plastic in my landscapes. I enjoy creating long exposure ocean-scapes, this is when I am not entirely in the control of what the sensor will record; the motion of ocean, wind, waves and plastic produce unpredictable effect. In my plastic-scapes wind plays a huge role as well as reflection of light in the plastic

My aim as a photographer is to create sophisticated art by simplifying the image. For me, photography is the ultimate form of art. It allows me to express my innermost experiences with nature. Inhabiting a time-hungry world of fleeting moments and experiences, simplicity is a precious state best captured and experienced under the lens. Photography helps me to convey these intimate and rare spectacles I derive from Nature. It is my privilege to witness and record fine and unique perspectives."

My journey with fine art black and white photography began on my fourteenth birthday, when I received a 35mm Kiev camera as a gift. Making use of some old darkroom equipment, I made my very first black and white prints.

My travels have always been intimately related to my photography exploits. I started traveling at a young age. I have always been thrilled by the stunning imageries of the countryside, fascinated with the myriad ways one can capture the sun, the mountains, the lakes, the snow and oceanic landscapes.

I bought my first 35 mm photo camera on the island of Mallorca, where I took my first black and white photography course in Palma de Mallorca at the Centro de Estudios Fotograficos.

The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is so different from northern Poland, and it was on this island where I embarked on my professional as a fine art photographer. I was always overwhelmed by the intrinsic language of black and white photography and its potency as an art form. Then it dawned on me that I should pursue photography as my lifelong passion.

I see myself as primarily a Fine Art Black and White Landscape Photographer. Having lived in wintry lands of Norway, Vienna and the Netherlands, I was inspired by my journeys to express my feelings for landscapes and natural scenery through my photographic works.

When I moved to San Francisco Bay, I bought my first medium format Hasselblad. I studied photography and fine art painting at the College of Marin.The classes inspired me to experiment with composition, fine art techniques and the use of light. When I traveled to Mexico and Central America, I developed a substantial series of landscape photography some of the images has been internationally awarded, see bio for more information.

As a practicing artist, I have lived in 6 countries and 2 islands over the past 10 years, that helped me to appreciate Nature in every place I go to. Arriving on the Oahu island of Hawaii, I have found the island an idyllic place of inspiration and self-expression. Surrounded by the ocean and delighted in my proximity with Nature, I enjoyed the slow pace of life here and fantastic place to develop my photography. I find Hawaii a fitting home for an artist, where family and community life as well as the love for Nature, are highly valued.

After 12 long years of hard work, I have now developed myself professionally as a fine art photographer, specialising in large prints series using a digital medium format Hasselblad H3D. To date, my photographic portfolio covers landscapes from many countries including Poland, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Savador and Hawaii.

Fine Art photographer

Eneven three against the moutain composes great landscape image

Photography Art Gallery

Sunflowers feild and great composition with contrast sky and mountain

Black and White Landscape Photographer

This is every photographer dream , sky so dramatic and great sunset

Art Photography

New plastic landscape art photography, Rafal Maleszyk new work from 2011

Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Wind reflect is beautiful, famous sunset landscape, this black and white photograph won PX3 2011

Fine Art Photography

Plastic fine art landscape , palm trees , sky and ocean

Black and White Landscape Photography

Picture of old pier , covered with plastic for the fine are effect

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Concrete pier covered with black plastic for the fine art effect

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Ocean landscape including plastic on top of the concrete pier

Black White Photographer

Black and white night picture, including the moon

Black White Photos

Plastic on the trees to creat fine art landscape photo